Opportunities and Contact

My training philosophy is to develop a passion for science and critical thinking in my students, to enable them to identify questions important to society, and equip with them with the necessary skill sets to devise experiments and analyses to answer them.

If you are interested in joining my lab, send me an email with your CV, an unofficial transcript and a brief description of your research interests that intersect with the focus of my lab. I expect every student to apply for a scholarship to cover at least a proportion of their salary. You can find a list of available scholarships here.

My lab is committed to vigorous support of diversity, equity and inclusion, and a welcoming and friendly work environment. Your ethnicity, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation and diverse perspectives will enrich our research and learning. We strive to be an inclusive lab and accessible for a range of abilities. Minorities and women are particularly encouraged to apply for positions. Please reach out with any needs or ideas you may have and we will work together to make STEM more equitable.

Office: MacMillan 131

Phone: (604) 827-0395

email: andrea.frommel@ubc.ca